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Illinois Electrical Accident Lawyer

If you are in an electrical accident in Illinois, you can sustain financial hardship, severe injuries, and psychological trauma. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident, however, you may have grounds for a workers’ compensation claim.

In these situations, you need an Illinois electrical accident attorney on your side—and the lawyers at Taxman, Pollock, Murray & Bekkerman, LLC can help. Our firm has represented hundreds of Illinois employees in their workers’ compensation claims and will not hesitate to pursue your case to the furthest extent possible. Call us today at (312) 586-1700.

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  • Our lawyers hold decades of experience in personal injury and workers’ compensation law. We will leverage our skills, experiences, and resources to craft a compelling case in your favor.
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  • Navigating complex claims processes after an electrical injury can feel overwhelming. Our attorneys will handle every aspect of your case so you can focus on recovery.

Common Causes of Electrical Accidents

Electrical accidents can lead to severe injuries, including burns, tissue damage, and even injuries to internal organs. In severe cases, electrocution can trigger cardiac arrest. Many factors can contribute to workplace electrical accidents, including:

  • Old or defective wiring
  • Contact with water and live wires
  • Loose connectors
  • Unsafe installation practices
  • Violations of workplace safety guidelines
  • Poor and substandard wiring
  • Improper training and supervision
  • Flammable materials near exposed wiring
  • Lack of preventative equipment, such as circuit interrupting devices

Benefits Available to Electrical Accident Victims

If you sustain an electrical accident at the workplace, you have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim. To secure benefits through this claim, you will need to prove that the accident happened at work and did not involve a breach of the law or company policy. You can recover many types of benefits through this claim, including:

  • Medical expenses for your accident-related injuries
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments
  • Temporary disability benefits if you can only perform light-duty work or cannot return to work for a period of time
  • Permanent disability benefits if the accident results in a permanent loss of function, preventing you from returning to your same position or working at all
  • Death benefits and funeral expenses if you lost a loved one due to an electrical accident

How to File a Workers’ Comp Claim in Illinois

To file a workers’ compensation claim in Illinois, you will need to seek medical attention immediately from an authorized provider. You will then need to notify your employer of the accident within 45 days, and your employer will then file a claim with his or her workers’ compensation insurer within 30 days. The insurer will determine your eligibility and award, and you can choose to appeal the claim if necessary.

In these situations, it is important to seek the help of an Illinois workers’ compensation attorney. Electrical accidents can be painful and result in permanent damage, and it is important to ensure that you receive the full extent of the benefits that you deserve. Your lawyer will represent your best interests throughout this process, guiding you through negotiations, helping complete paperwork, and advocating for maximum compensation throughout the claim.

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If you are in an electrical accident in Illinois, you need a work injury attorney on your side. The lawyers at Taxman, Pollock, Murray & Bekkerman, LLC will fight tenaciously for your right to maximum benefits and support you on the path to recovery. Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.