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Illinois Personal Injury Attorneys

Do you need a personal injury attorney? Trust Taxman, Pollock, Murray & Bekkerman, LLC to handle your case.

Every year, thousands of Illinois residents are injured in serious accidents. These accidents often rise to the level of personal injury, due to any harm that occurs as a result of a person or entity’s carelessness.

Our lawyers bring decades of experience to our clients, leveraging our firm’s resources and network of expert witnesses to secure the best possible outcome on your behalf.

We represent injured Illinois residents in their personal injury insurance claims and lawsuits, fighting aggressively to secure maximum possible compensation.

If you suffer injuries due to someone else’s carelessness, the attorneys at Taxman, Pollock, Murray & Bekkerman, LLC are here to help.

Why Choose Our Firm:

  • Our attorneys have decades of experience, representing clients in a range of personal injury claims. We will leverage our knowledge, skills, and resources to secure the compensation you deserve.
  • We have a successful track record of record-breaking settlements and jury verdicts. Our attorneys have secured over $400 million on behalf of our clients, including $18.6 million for a client in a construction accident
  • Our attorneys pride themselves on their attention to detail and dedication to our clients. We will pursue every possible angle in your case to achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf.
  • Our firm represents people, not insurance companies or large corporations. We dedicate ourselves to obtaining justice for our clients and preventing the at-fault party from injuring another individual.
  • The aftermath of a personal injury accident can be painful and debilitating. Our lawyers will handle all aspects of your case so you can focus on recovery, not paperwork. We will be available throughout your claim to answer your questions and respond to your concerns.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a Chicago personal injury lawyer. At your appointment, your attorney will evaluate your case and explain your optimal path to recovery.

FOUNDING PARTNER Marc A. Taxman People seek my help because they have been hurt as a result of someone failing to live up to their responsibilities. It is my job to help put the pieces together. I love what I do and nothing gives me greater satisfaction than successfully prosecuting a case on behalf of my clients.
FOUNDING PARTNER Bradley N. Pollock I live my clients’ cases and use my legal expertise to fight for them with heart and determination as if their case was my own.
FOUNDING PARTNER Sean P. Murray I represent individuals and families who have sustained significant losses and are enduring some of the most difficult times of their lives. It is a responsibility that I take very seriously, and I work relentlessly on behalf of my clients to achieve justice and make them whole again.
FOUNDING PARTNER Gerald J. Bekkerman Everyday I wake up and go to work I feel lucky and honored to represent individuals and families who are vulnerable and need legal help. I am proud to represent people, not corporations and insurance companies. I take that pride and put it into my work for my clients.
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What a wonderful experience! Julie and her team were extremely professional, gave great advice, and provided an excellent experience... Leemor Katz I Client
I'm absolutely grateful for James Hardy & his team... I'm extremely happy with the outcome of both my workmen & personal injury cases. Estella Jackson-Brigman I Client
I had a great experience with Mr. Sean Murray, along with his team. Everyone I interacted with was very helpful and answered any questions... Jesse S. I Client
Working with this Law firm was amazing... When you’re going through a tough time, you want a lawyer and law office that can put you at ease... Richard Griffin I Client
Great communication! Made everything look simple. Took care of me with a case that some other lawyers didn’t even want to touch. Takis Karropoulos I Client
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Why Choose Us Our unified goal is to provide the highest level of professional service to individuals and families who have been injured as consumers, patients, workers, and victims of negligence. About Our Firm
01 Diverse We are the fastest-growing personal injury law firm in Chicago. Growing from 9 to 20 attorneys in under 4 years
02 Aggressive Our attorneys work in dedicated teams to reach the best results for our clients
03 Nationally-recognized We have recovered over $500 Million on behalf of our clients
How to Prove an Illinois Personal Injury Lawsuit

You may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit if you sustain an injury due to someone else’s actions. However, not all accidents will qualify for a personal injury claim.

To prove your right to compensation, you and your attorney will need to provide sufficient evidence and establish the following elements of negligence:

  • Duty: The at-fault party owed you a duty of care at the time of your accident.
  • Dereliction: The at-fault party breached his or her duty of care in some way.
  • Causation: The at-fault party’s breach of duty caused your accident and your resulting injuries.
  • Damages: You can recover compensation for damages you sustained in the accident. Medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damages are examples of potential damages in your claim

For example, property owners have a duty to maintain safe premises and respond to hazards within a reasonable timeframe. Say that you inform your landlord that your stairs are broken. The landlord ignores your calls and emails for weeks, failing to respond to the hazard.

One day, you are walking up the stairs when the structure collapses underneath you, leading to a broken leg. If the landlord had fixed the stairs, you would not have sustained injuries—thus establishing his or her negligence.

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