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Chicago Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Lawyers

If you are an adult survivor of Boy Scout childhood sexual abuse or believe your child has been sexually assaulted at a Chicago chapter, do not hesitate to contact Taxman, Pollock, Murray & Bekkerman, LLC for a free and confidential consultation. Our attorneys provide empathetic, aggressive, and personalized legal representation to sexual abuse victims. We care about our clients and will help you hold Boy Scouts of America accountable for this life-changing crime.

About Boy Scout Sexual Abuse

Boy Scouts of America is meant to provide an opportunity for young boys to strengthen their character development, leadership skills, ethics, and self-confidence. It should not put boys’ well-being at risk with heinous offenses such as sexual abuse, assault, and violence. Sadly, this is the reputation Boy Scouts now has due to hundreds of cases coming forward from child victims and adult survivors of sexual abuse within this organization.

In 2012, a court order required Boy Scouts of America to release what was called the “Perversion Files:” previously confidential records of known sex crime incidents occurring within the organization since the mid-1960s. The release of these files made it clear that Boy Scouts knew about many sexual abuse perpetrators yet stayed silent and even actively concealed reports of abuse. This stance of self-preservation and a lack of transparency led to countless others being victimized by known offenders.

Holding Boy Scouts of America Accountable for Child Sexual Abuse in Chicago

Victims of Boy Scout sexual abuse in Chicago and throughout Illinois have the right to pursue justice through civil lawsuits. Bringing a lawsuit against the organization can hold it responsible for misconduct by its employees and counselors at a local chapter. Legal action can help make Boy Scouts safer for future youth by driving institutional change. It can also provide accountability and closure to victims.

Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse Damages

Any type of sex crime committed against a scout or child involved in Boy Scouts of America can be met with a civil lawsuit filed by a victim or victim’s family in pursuit of financial compensation, also known as damages. A monetary award could reimburse a victim for money spent on professional treatment needed to address the consequences of abuse.

The available damages may include emergency medical care, mental health counseling, therapy, prescription medications, and treatment for a related drug or alcohol dependency. If the victim attempted to commit suicide due to depression or other effects of sexual abuse, he or she may recover compensation for hospitalization or treatment at a mental health facility.

If the trauma of Boy Scout sexual abuse affected the victim’s ability to maintain gainful employment or go to work, lost wages could also be listed as compensable damage. Pain, suffering, grief, mental anguish, and emotional distress are also available. Finally, some cases result in punitive damages awarded to punish a defendant for egregious acts of wrongdoing.

How Long Do You Have to File a Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Case in Chicago?

In Illinois, Compiled Statutes Section 13.202-2 places a legal filing time limit of 20 years from the date of the last sexual abuse incident or the discovery of injuries connected to sexual abuse on cases brought prior to January 1, 2014. Cases filed after this date, however, do not have a statute of limitations since the law was lifted in 2014.

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