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Illinois Juvenile Detention Facility Sexual Abuse

In Illinois, if an individual is arrested for an alleged offense before turning 18 years old, he or she will be considered a juvenile in the eyes of the law. The minor may be sent to a juvenile detention facility to be held in temporary confinement while the case is handled in court.

Juvenile detention facilities should never subject detainees to mistreatment or abuse. Sadly, they are often the settings of life-changing sexual abuse crimes. If you or someone you love was sexually abused or assaulted while in a juvenile detention facility in Illinois, the attorneys at Taxman, Pollock, Murray & Bekkerman, LLC can help you seek justice.

What Is Juvenile Detention Facility Sexual Abuse?

Juvenile detention facilities are designed to rehabilitate youth and reduce the risk of recidivism, or a relapse into criminal behavior in the future. They should support and reform detained youth to set them up for brighter futures. Yet many juveniles suffer from terrible examples of mistreatment within detention facility walls that cause irrevocable harm, instead.

The Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (IDJJ) controls and maintains all state-run Illinois Youth Centers (IYCs). While the IDJJ claims that its mission is to promote positive youth outcomes, detained juveniles may be subjected to various forms of abuse, including sexual abuse by guards, correctional officers, teachers, supervisors, fellow youth, and others at the facility.

Employees at an Illinois youth detention center can take advantage of their positions of power and authority to sexually exploit and abuse vulnerable minors. They may use fear and intimidation tactics to commit sex crimes such as inappropriate touching of the victim’s private parts, groping, kissing, penetration, sodomy, and rape. Victims of these crimes can suffer immense mental and emotional harm as a result.

Were You Sexually Abused at One of These Illinois Juvenile Detention Facilities?

If you or your child was sexually abused at any of the five facilities operated by the IDJJ in Illinois, you may be eligible for compensation:

  • IYC Chicago: Level 2 Medium Juvenile Male. Opened: July 1999. Capacity: 130.
  • IYC Harrisburg: Level 2 Medium Juvenile Male. Opened: July 1983. Capacity: 332.
  • IYC St. Charles: Level 2 Medium Juvenile Male. Opened: December 1904. Capacity: 348.
  • IYC Pere Marquette: Level 3 Minimum Juvenile Male. Opened: March 1963. Capacity: 40.
  • IYC Warrenville: Level 1 Maximum Juvenile Female and Level 1 Medium Juvenile Male. Opened: 1973. Capacity: 70.

There are also various county juvenile detention facilities throughout Illinois. These fall under the jurisdiction of the municipal government, not the state.

Your Legal Rights as a Survivor of Juvenile Detention Center Sexual Abuse in Illinois

Many victims of juvenile detention center abuse do not come forward due to fears related to retaliation or not being believed. At Taxman, Pollock, Murray & Bekkerman, LLC, we believe victims of sexual predators under any circumstances deserve to be heard.

Bringing a civil lawsuit for sexual abuse can hold the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice and other entities responsible for the crimes that occur on their premises. Filing a claim can provide some measure of justice to a victim, as well as push for changes on an institutional level that may protect other juveniles in the future.

A civil lawsuit in Illinois may also result in financial compensation that can help you move forward as a survivor, such as reimbursement for related medical costs and mental health counseling, as well as damages for pain, suffering, emotional distress, and mental health disorders.

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