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Chicago Head-On Car Accident Lawyer

Head-on collisions are more than just terrifying. They can lead to extensive injuries and major property damage, often leaving victims struggling to recover compensation for their losses. At Taxman, Pollock, Murray & Bekkerman, LLC, we are ready to help if you need a Chicago car accident lawyer by your side. We have successfully recovered major settlements and jury verdicts for car accident victims throughout Chicago, and we are ready to get to work on your claim today.

Head-On Collisions Are Not Uncommon in the City

Head-on collisions occur more frequently than many people realize and can happen on both busy city streets and quieter suburban roads. These accidents are often the result of negligent driving behaviors such as distracted and impaired driving. In a bustling city like Chicago, where traffic congestion and road construction are common, the risk of head-on collisions is heightened.

In Chicago, data from the Illinois Department of Transportation indicates a significant number of head-on collisions each year, contributing to severe injuries and fatalities. These accidents often happen when a driver crosses the centerline into oncoming traffic or misjudges a passing opportunity.

How Do You Prove Liability After a Head-On Crash

Proving liability in a head-on car accident involves demonstrating that the other driver was negligent and that their actions directly caused the accident. Key elements to consider include:

  • Traffic violations. Evidence that the at-fault driver violated traffic laws, such as speeding, running a red light, or failing to stay in their lane, can help establish negligence.
  • Eyewitness testimony. Statements from witnesses who saw the accident can provide crucial insights into how the crash occurred.
  • Accident reports. Police reports often contain valuable information, including the officer’s observations and any citations issued at the scene.
  • Physical evidence. Skid marks, vehicle damage, and debris patterns can help reconstruct the accident and determine the point of impact.
  • Expert analysis. Accident reconstruction experts can analyze the scene and provide a professional opinion on how the accident happened and who was at fault.

Filing a Head-On Car Accident Claim in Chicago

Filing a head-on car accident claim involves several steps to help you have the best chance of receiving the compensation you deserve:

  1. Seek medical attention. Even if injuries seem minor, getting a medical evaluation is essential for documenting your condition and beginning treatment.
  2. Report the accident. Notify your insurance company about the accident as soon as possible. Provide them with all necessary information, but be cautious about making statements that could be used against you.
  3. Collect evidence. Gather as much evidence as you can from the accident scene, including photos, witness contact information, and police reports.
  4. Consult an attorney. An experienced car accident lawyer can guide you through the process, handle communications with insurance companies, and advocate for your best interests.
  5. File your claim. Your attorney will help you file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, seeking compensation for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and other related costs.

How Quickly Do You Need to File Your Claim?

In Illinois, the legal time limit for filing a personal injury claim after a vehicle collision is generally two years from the date of the accident. If you miss this deadline, you may lose your right to pursue compensation.

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