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Lost Wages After a Car Accident

Posted on June 2, 2022

Vehicle accidents can lead to significant setbacks for individuals. This includes not only injuries but also wages. In the event vehicle accident injuries prevent a person from going to work for an extended period of time, this can significantly affect a person’s ability to earn an income. Here, we want to discuss what type of lost wages you may be able to recover if you have sustained a car accident injury caused by another party.

Lost Income While You Recover

One of the main concerns that crash victims have after the incident occurs is losing out on income if they cannot work while they recover. It does not take a severe injury for an individual to become unable to work. For example, even a seemingly minor whiplash injury can lead to significant pain and suffering that prevents a person from performing their job-related duties. For more severe injuries, such as broken or dislocated bones, head trauma, spinal cord trauma, and more, individuals could miss a significant period away from work.

This must be taken into consideration when calculating the total compensation a person should be paid after an accident caused by the actions of another driver. Regardless of what type of job a person has, lost income can and will significantly affect their lives and the lives of their family members.

Temporary or Permanent Loss of Earning Capacity

We have to look beyond the income that person loses if they cannot work while they recover and look at how the injury affects their overall ability to earn an income. In some cases, individuals are able to return to work but at a limited capacity due to a disability caused by the injury. In other cases, individuals may not ever be able to work again due to a crash injury. Both of these situations can lead to a loss of income.

If a person can return to work, but in a limited capacity, they may not be able to earn the same type of income they could before the injury occurred. In these situations, individuals should be able to recover compensation that makes up for the difference between their current wages and the wages they used to earn.

In the event a person sustains a permanent disability, they must have a way to recover these wages. Often, individuals will be able to recover compensation through an insurance settlement or a jury verdict to pay for a significant portion of their lost wages. However, we strongly encourage individuals who sustain a permanent disability to turn to long-term solutions, including Social Security disability insurance or private disability insurance, if a person has this type of coverage.

Securing Help From an Attorney

If you or somebody you care about has sustained an injury caused by the actions of another driver, you need to turn to a car accident attorney in Chicago immediately. A skilled lawyer will fully investigate every aspect of your claim. They will gather the evidence needed to prove liability and handle all communication with the insurance carriers and other parties involved. You deserve complete compensation for your losses. This not only includes medical bills and property damage expenses but also lost wages you incur due to the accident.