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As drivers, we are responsible for stopping and exchanging information if we are in a car accident. Unfortunately, not all drivers uphold this duty. Hit and run accidents occur when a person does not stop, leaving the victim without the necessary information to file an insurance claim.

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Legal Options for Chicago Hit and Run Victims

Illinois is a fault car insurance state, which means that drivers who cause accidents must pay for their victims’ damages. The state requires all drivers to hold liability insurance to pay for these losses. Typically, you have two options to hold an at-fault driver accountable for your damages: an insurance claim against the driver’s policy, or a personal injury lawsuit in Illinois civil court.

If you are in a hit-and-run accident, you do not know who the at-fault driver is and cannot file these claims. To recover compensation for your injuries, however, you could use your own insurance. Illinois requires insurance policies to include uninsured motorist coverage.

By filing an uninsured motorist claim, you can recover compensation for the following types of damages.

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Physical therapy expenses
  • Disability accommodations
  • Pain and suffering

However, uninsured motorist coverage does not pay for damage to your vehicle. You will need to use another form of insurance, known as collision coverage, to pay for these expenses. Your attorney at Taxman, Pollock, Murray & Bekkerman, LLC will examine your policy and identify your optimal path to maximum compensation.

What to Do After a Hit and Run Accident

The moments after a hit-and-run accident can be scary and disorienting. You may want to track down or chase after the at-fault driver. However, it is important to carefully preserve evidence and protect yourself from further harm.

  • Pullover in a safe location and write down any information you remember. Do not attempt to follow the driver—this can be very dangerous. Instead, record details such as the vehicle’s color, make, model, or partial license plate number.
  • Call 911 and report the accident to the police. Provide as much information to the police as you can about the other driver.
  • If there are any witnesses in the area, ask them if they saw anything that could help identify the driver. Collect their contact information for use in your future claim.
  • Seek medical attention immediately and save all records related to your treatment and your injuries.
  • Take photographs of your injuries, damage to your vehicle, and the area around the scene.
  • Contact a Chicago hit-and-run accident attorney to discuss your legal options.

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If you are in a hit-and-run accident in Chicago, the attorneys at Taxman, Pollock, Murray & Bekkerman, LLC can help. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about your legal options.