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Should I Get a Lawyer for a Car Accident That Was My Fault?

Posted on January 4, 2024

If you or somebody you love has been involved in a vehicle accident, then you likely have a range of questions. This is particularly true if you caused the incident or have been accused of causing the incident. Here, we want to discuss why it is a good idea to obtain a free consultation with a Chicago car accident attorney after a vehicle accident, even if you think you may be responsible for causing the collision. There may be circumstances where you are not completely to blame or it could even be the case that the other parties involved are trying to shift liability to you to avoid paying compensation.

Talk to a Lawyer Before You Talk to Anyone Else

We know that the aftermath of a vehicle accident can be confusing. However, before you begin serious discussions with anybody else involved in the case, including other parties or insurance carriers, we encourage you to speak to an attorney. Anything you say after an accident occurs could be used by other parties against you. Even if you are convinced you may be at fault for the incident, we still encourage you to speak to an attorney before you open conversations with others.

The reality is that car accident cases are not always cut and dry, and an attorney with extensive experience handling complex claims may be able to see something that you do not, even during your initial conversations.

There May Be Shared Fault

One issue with thinking you were completely at fault for the incident is that, again, car accident claims are typically not cut and dry. Other drivers may be uninsured which could lead to a larger issue. It is not uncommon for there to be shared fault amongst multiple parties, maybe even two or three different individuals.

What you may not know at the time the incident occurred is that another driver’s negligence could have contributed to the incident. You may think you are the sole cause of a car accident when, in reality, other parties may have contributed. In fact, it does not even have to be other drivers who share fault for a collision. Other possible liable parties may be municipalities or construction companies that caused roadway confusion due to improperly working road signs or poor road construction.

Every situation is unique, and an attorney with experience investigating these incidents will work to determine all possible liable parties to help you recover compensation for your losses. Yes, even if you share fault for a car accident, you may be able to recover compensation.

Remember – You Have to Look Out for Yourself

After any type of vehicle accident occurs, you have to look out for yourself. This includes looking out for your health and well-being by seeking immediate medical care and by contacting a Chicago injury attorney to help protect your rights after the incident. Even if you think you were responsible for the incident, let an attorney dig into the claim and help forge a path forward so you can recover from your injuries and get your vehicle repaired.

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