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Common Types of Construction Accidents in Chicago

Posted on October 14, 2021

Construction never stops. This is particularly true for building projects in and around the Chicago area. Unfortunately, an abundance of construction also means that worker injuries occur. In Chicago, construction is one of the most dangerous industries. Here, we want to discuss the most common types of construction site accidents that occur as well as what type of compensation construction workers should be entitled to if they sustain an on-the-job injury.

Is Construction Work More Dangerous Than Other Jobs?

Inherently, most people understand that construction work is dangerous. The reality is that construction workers operate in hazardous conditions at every job site. However, when we turn to information available from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), we can see concrete data that indicates just how dangerous construction work is.

During the latest reporting year across the country, around 20% of all worker fatalities in this country happened in the construction industry. Additionally, thousands of other construction workers sustained injuries and had to miss days of work as a result of a workplace incident.

Most Common Construction Accidents in Chicago

There are some commonalities when it comes to the main types of construction site hazards for employees in Chicago:

  1. Slip and fall incidents. Slip and fall injuries can occur in any workplace, but this is always a significant risk at construction sites. Many construction workers in Chicago work at heights on scaffolding, roofs, ladders, along windows, etc. Slip and fall incidents can cause serious injuries or death.
  2. Electrocution risks. Construction sites are works in progress throughout Chicago. Unfortunately, exposed wiring, power lines, and unfinished electrical systems put workers at risk for electrocution. Electrocution can cause burns, loss of tissue, organ damage, and even death.
  3. Caught in-between. Construction workers in Chicago operate in close proximity to heavy machinery and equipment. Unfortunately, if safety guidelines are not followed, workers can get caught in between heavy objects, leading to crush injuries and amputations.
  4. Overexertion. Construction workers operate long hours and with heavy materials. It is not uncommon for these workers to overexert themselves, which can lead to heat stroke, exhaustion, frostbite, fatigue injuries, and even repetitive stress injuries.
  5. Falling debris. Anytime construction projects involve multiple levels at great heights, this increases the risk of injuries caused by falling objects.
  6. Machinery incidents. Construction workers operate heavy and powerful equipment. Injuries can occur using heavy equipment in a variety of ways, including accidents caused by untrained or unskilled machinery operators.
  7. Scaffolding collapse. Scaffolding is an important part of all construction accidents, but it must be built properly and according to strict regulations. If scaffolding fails, this can cause injuries to those on the scaffolding as well as those on the ground below the scaffolding.
  8. Trench collapse. Trench accidents are common at work sites. If there are no proper safeguards in place to prevent a trench cave-in or collapse, workers can get trapped and buried.

Working With an Attorney to Secure Compensation

If you or somebody you love has been injured in a construction accident in the Chicago area, you need to work with an attorney as soon as possible. A skilled lawyer understands how complex work injury cases can be, particularly when it comes to a person recovering full compensation for their losses. A Chicago construction accident lawyer can handle all workers’ compensation claim issues, including any appeals necessary.