Motorcycle Accidents

Can You Lane Split in Illinois?

Posted on July 14, 2023
If you have ever seen a motorcyclist go past your window down the center of two lanes heading in the same direction, then you have seen lane splitting. Lane splitting is popular amongst motorcyclists and even legal in some areas around the country. However, Illinois does not allow lane splitting for motorcyclists. Here, we...
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Emergency Vehicle Accidents Statistics

Emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars play a crucial role in responding to emergencies and saving lives in the United States. However, these vehicles are also involved in car crashes that can lead to injuries, fatalities, and property damage. Understanding the statistics and factors contributing to emergency vehicle accidents is...
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Motorcycle Sideswipe Accidents

Posted on August 17, 2022
Sideswipe accidents can be dangerous for any motorist, but particularly for motorcyclists. These incidents could lead to an impact that causes a motorcyclist to immediately crash the bike, or they could force the motorcyclist into oncoming lanes of traffic or off-road. Here, we want to discuss how motorcycle sideswipe accidents occur, some common injuries...
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Symptoms of a Brain Injury After a Motorcycle Crash

Posted on August 13, 2022
Unfortunately, motorcyclists are more susceptible to severe head and brain injuries than others when a crash occurs. Brain injuries can lead to significant short- and long-term symptoms for victims. Here, we want to review some of the most common symptoms that you need to look out for right away as well as possible long-term...
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What Should You do After Suffering a Concussion in a Motorcycle Accident?

Posted on August 10, 2022
Any motorcyclist involved in an accident is susceptible to a concussion. The reality is that motorcyclists are not as well protected from head injuries as those inside traditional vehicles, and a concussion could lead to significant short and possibly some long-term symptoms. Here, we want to discuss what a motorcyclist needs to do if...
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How is Fault Determined After an Illinois Motorcycle Accident?

Posted on August 7, 2022
Motorcycle accidents often lead to devastating injuries and extensive property damage for individuals in Illinois, and crash victims should be able to recover compensation for their losses if the incident was caused by the actions of someone else. However, determining fault in these situations is challenging. Here, we want to discuss how liability is...
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Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Illinois

Posted on August 4, 2022
Many states around the country have laws implemented regarding helmet use for motorcyclists. Illinois is not one of them. Here, we want to discuss what the law says about helmet use for motorcyclists in Illinois, as well as the reason why all riders are encouraged to wear helmets at all times when their bike...
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Compensation for Motorcycle Road Rash

Posted on August 1, 2022
Motorcyclists often sustain road rash if they are involved in an accident that leads to them colliding with the pavement. Even though motorcyclists do usually recover fully from road rash injuries, that does not mean that there are no medical bills in the interim. In some cases, individuals do end up with long-term complications...
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