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Illinois Moped Laws

Posted on February 13, 2023

If you’re in Illinois and want to ride a scooter, the process may be more complex than you believe. Illinois has special requirements when it comes to mopeds. If you own an electric scooter or moped, you should know what regulations to follow and what to do in the event of an accident.

Read on to discover some of the common Illinois moped laws and how to protect yourself in the event of a moped accident from Taxman, Pollock, Murray, & Bekkerman, LLC.

Special Licensing for Mopeds in Illinois

Illinois law defines a moped as:

  • A vehicle with an engine that produces up to 2 horsepower
  • A vehicle that can reach a speed of 20 to 30 miles per hour
  • A vehicle where the driver does not need to switch gears
  • A vehicle that contains internal combustion that doesn’t exceed 50 ccs

Some mopeds will require you to obtain special licenses. A scooter, for example, will require a Class L or Class M license. However, electric scooters do not require any special licensing. The type of moped you possess will also require the type of licensing you need. If your vehicle doesn’t meet the above characteristics, you may be required to carry a Class L license.

Registering your moped is another requirement. For example, if you own a scooter, you will need to register it with the state. However, an electric bicycle will require no registration with the state.

Insurance Requirements For Mopeds

You may also be required to carry a certain amount of liability insurance for your moped.

Illinois law requires liability insurance to be carried by residents who ride scooters. With the increase in scooter accidents in the state, liability insurance will help cover the costs if you’re involved in an accident.

Because your moped is registered with the state, you must carry some form of liability insurance by law. Like car insurance, you can purchase insurance for bodily injury or property damage.

Additional Moped Laws

In addition to licensing and insurance requirements, the type of moped you possess may require you to follow additional regulations. Like with motorcycles, you may be required to follow helmet laws when riding your moped.

You are not required to follow any helmet laws when riding a scooter. But you may have to wear some protective eyewear while riding. You will also be required to have a headlight installed on your scooter. This headlight should be able to increase visibility at least 500 feet away.

Depending on the moped type, you may also be required to wear other protective clothing. You may have to wear protective boots, gloves, and reflective clothing that make you more visible.

Injured in a Moped Accident?

If you or a loved one was injured in a moped accident, talk to an experienced personal injury attorney at Taxman, Pollock, Murray, & Bekkerman, LLC, today. Our attorneys have experience with resolving moped accidents. We can help you determine the best solution for your case. Our Chicago moped accident lawyers want the best outcome for you and your family. Call our office to schedule your initial consultation.