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What are the Most Common Wrist Injuries From a Car Accident?

Posted on October 16, 2023

Vehicle accidents can result in a range of injuries, including those to the hands, wrists, and arms. Breast injuries are common in a vehicle accident because individuals are either holding on to the steering wheel when the accident occurs or bracing themselves against other fixed objects in the vehicle. Here, we want to examine wrist sprains and strains as well as bone fractures that can occur in vehicle accidents.

Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains are not uncommon injuries that occur as a result of a vehicle accident. This type of injury can occur to any person in the vehicle, including the driver and the passengers. For drivers, a wrist sprain or strain typically occurs due to the force exerted on their limbs as they hold on to the steering wheel or brace themselves against the dash when the accident occurs.

For passengers in the vehicle, a sprain or strain can occur in the same way, though typically only from racing on the dash or some other text object in the car, such as a center console.

According to information available from the Mayo Clinic, a wrist sprain is characterized by swelling, tenderness, pain, and stiffness in the wrist joint. This pain will typically start at the location of the sprain of strain but radiate outward in multiple locations throughout the joint. This will typically hurt when a person moves their wrist or grabs an object.

Even though a wrist sprain or strain may not seem like a major injury, and indeed, most people do recover, this type of injury can still lead to major expenses for a victim after a car accident. Individuals with a sprained wrist may not be able to carry out their work-related duties or handle their normal day-to-day activities, including housework. When a person sustains a wrist sprain or strain, they may be able to recover compensation for any medical bills and other losses associated with the injury.

Bone Fractures

A wrist fracture occurs in much the same way that a sprain or strain occurs, but with enough force, bones will break in the hand and wrist. When a wrist first gets broken, it may not be evident right away. There is often no immediate visible trauma, and the symptoms may at first appear the same as a sprain or strain. However, wrist fractures can lead to immense pain as well as significant tenderness, swelling, or bruising.

Individuals who sustain a suspected wrist fracture after a car accident need to go to the emergency room to be examined by a doctor. This type of injury can only be diagnosed by a medical professional with X-rays or other scans, as needed.

Information available from Yale Medicine states that individuals who sustain a risk factor will likely need to wear a cast or a splint for around five to six weeks and then undergo physical therapy to regain strength and restore range of motion. In some cases, individuals may need surgery in order to fix a severe wrist fracture, and this could significantly increase the recovery time.

Individuals who sustained a broken wrist as a result of an accident should seek assistance from an experienced auto accident attorney in Chicago who can help them recover compensation from an at-fault party.